Taste of Science - Tampa


An annual festival where the best science researchers share their work with you. The best part is you don’t have to be a scientist to enjoy them — we want anyone with an interest to come, listen, and ask questions. Science affects everyone so should be accessible to anyone, that includes you!

PSOC Members at Taste of Science:


2Scientists.org Podcast


Curious about the cosmos? Intrigued by evolution?
Every month two scientists put their heads together to help answer your questions.



PSOC Member Podcasts:



December 21, 2015:

Kimberly Luddy

  "The immunotherapist"  



February 10, 2015:

Joel Brown

  "The squirrel whisperer



July 24, 2014:

 Alexander Anderson:

  "Cancer by numbers

(Photo credit: 2scientists.org)