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"Our research investigates the evolutionary dynamics that drive cancers and uses our understanding of evolution against the cancer"



"Evolutionary and ecological dynamics of tumor-host interactions"


"Clinical translation of evolutionary and ecological principles"


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PSOC Leadership

Robert A. Gatenby, M.D.

Chair of Radiology


Robert J. Gillies, Ph.D.

Chair of Cancer Imaging and Metabolism

Alexander R. A. Anderson, Ph.D.

Chair of the IMO




Latest PSOC News



Applications are now being accepted for the High school Internship Program in Integrated Mathematical Oncology.

Go to the HIP IMO website
for application forms and detailed information. 



Upcoming Workshop:

October 29th - November 3rd, 2017

IMO Workshop 7: Stroma

Moffitt Cancer Center, Stabile Research Building, Tampa FL

The IMO Department is hosting their 7th workshop from October 29 - November 3. The workshop is designed to motivate and facilitate hands-on modeling experience focused on metastasis. The workshop is comprised of both an educational event and competition.



PSOC Spotlight: May 17th, 2017 Moffitt MRI Signals: Miles for Moffitt/Heiko Enderling, PhD



Educator Award: Congratulations to Dr. Heiko Enderling, Co-Lead for Moffitt PSOC's Education and Outreach core and chair of the PSON education working group, for being named 2016 Moffitt Research Educator of the Year.

Recent Publications


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HIP IMO 2017:


The Moffitt HIP IMO 2017 has concluded! Follow @MoffittPSOC for updates on future internships.